A ‘Pina Kaleada’ in real life, it’s no longer a myth.

Supernatural Bar, Spitalfields held their launch yesterday – so ofc, we got the low down for you.


Introducing the first raw juice cocktail bar ever, two great things all East Londoners really want – it was time to test some of the signatures out. Featuring only natural sugars and whole foods in the drinks such as superfood’s quinoa, acai berry, kale, coconut milk, kaffir lime, smoked sea salt, pistachio cordial and agave nectar, it’s all sounding pretty overwhelming right, well that’s what we thought.

These guys aren’t new to the juice/smoothie scene having bars and pop-ups throughout London including Canary Wharf, Oxford and Piccadilly Circus which offer incognito health conscious drinks[non-alcoholic] and food. We were super psyched to try out cocktails which incorporated this innovative and one-of-a-kind idea.

“The ultimate gin and juice concept where both alcoholic and non-alcoholic components get equal attention. An evolution in late night bars for those who like to work hard and play hard” – Supernatural


‘My Only Vice’ cocktails.

The bar is situated on the upper level of Spitalfield’s market adjacent to ETHOS studio gym[handy] so you know when you are done with your workout a treat is a’waiting. The terrace is ambient and the bar slightly rustic which all adds to the natural, wholesome feel to the place and menu. On arrival, we were immediately greeted[thanks] with a prosecco cocktail known as ‘Lighter French’ and it was let’s say very light and easy to drink. Made with no added sugar prosecco – all new to us – date nectar, lemon and Bombay dry it definitely started our evening in a good fashion.

Our bartender Terrence was pretty chill, making hundreds of complicated mixology concoctions for the innocent looking bystanders cluttered around the bar. The bar was decorated generously with nutritious snacks we just couldn’t resist, cacao covered raisons, muesli-type dried fruit bars and coco-nutty chewy flapjacks, totally in our element.

The ‘Superfruit Margarita’ has got to be the one to go for, tangy but with a twist and the delicate pink colour reflected the subtly sweeter taste. Consisting of Mescal & Patron silver, acai berry, blueberry, goji berry, citrus, agave nectar and served over ice with a dried orange slice – it totally nails the classic marg.


‘Superfruit Margerita’ & ‘The Brazilian’.

Nachos then started to head around the room and on approach they looked amazing. Smothered in a gluten free cheesy guac with apple cider vinegar hot sauce, we were all over that. Shortly after, our daily dose of oats also came round in the form of a porridge cup, covered in cacao, banana and made using homemade coconut milk – I am for one, always up for a breakfast dessert, always.


Nachos for days.

‘My Only Vice’ – another cracker that we tried included rum, strawberry, pineapple, coconut water and pomegranate, it was the ultimate light smoothie laden with yo’ sneaky bacardi.

‘Pina Kaleada’ definitely got people twittering – another rummy one mixed with kale (yes kale), coconut milk, kale and date syrup (yes kale again), citrus and smoked sea salt. All in all a thicker texture and not super sweet – for the savoury greeners among us.

‘The beetrooter'[see bottom pic] was a zingy red colour and tasted slightly fiery from the ginger, it was presented in a beaut frosted tall glass with blueberries, also part of the dream.

Supernatural is open for three months so we suggest you get yourself down there if you aren’t already convinced and have some of their damn cool signatures – this really is the ultimate gin and juice concept. They are also serving breakfast, lunch and evening nic-nacs and having tried something from each of these menus you probably should too.


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