Jungle themed cinemas are now the only type of cinema I really want to attend, you could say that’s demanding but if you went to Backyard‘s Lost World, I am pretty sure that would be part of your requirements too.

A pop-up cinema who’s designs are immersive experiences for its viewers, ‘Lost World’ was definitely something that exceeded expectations – although how much prior idea you can have to a plant-filled cinema with a jungle-esque bar in it and bark floor is fairly questionable.

So, yesterday we dropped by to watch a classic – this is how it went…

First, we took the underground (standard) to Borough station and wondered toward Mercato Metropolitano, where the jungle is said to be located.


 Tickets and drink chips, you know us well.

Upon arrival it wasn’t hard to spot the billboard like wall of vine leaves, plants and bamboo shoots – this must be it. We were greeted by a beige utility-attired jungle attendant who ushered us through a smallish cave toward a rock filled ditch to cross (made of foam luckily) into our desired film location. We grabbed our much needed cocktail from the tiki bar after that semi-ordeal.


Etching – crafty.

Apocalypto was the designated film, an utter classic contender for films all round.

The room itself was swathed in carefully placed leaves, a fully bark floor, a hundred or so large bean bag seats and some faint jungle tunes in the background. A large skull and decorated mood lighting filled the large area as most people looked in awe around the carefully detailed experience. It was obvious everything had been meticulously placed for a purpose which itself allowed everyone to really utterly immersed. The bar was at the back, which meant full access to drink and sweets to calm our unfamiliar jungle nerves with some pretty sweet sounding cocktails..


As we took our position sprawled in our comfiest way ever over several adjacent bean bags – we were ready for anything. The scenery became lit with red strobes and loud natural noises filled the jungle in a rhythmic ritualistic pattern, we agreed it was pretty darn cool.

Chilling with our tiki cocktails jungle juice & fire monkey both well equipped with large wedges of fruit (yay) and over the top but totally necessary cup/ porcelain tribal vases we settled down as the film played. It seemed only fitting to choose possibly the most jungle ridden film with such an historic dark undertone.


Hello vases.

Backyard cinema was fun, real fun and I am re-considering most cinema layouts and scenery if I am honest, everyone plays up the part and it is obvious much effort and attention has been given to it – an experience not to miss.

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