Is it just me or is everyone and their mother wearing a dashiki? With Western African fashion becoming more of an influence amongst the London youth, you can expect to see at least two or three stylish individuals rocking a bright and colourful dashiki, usually paired with skinny jeans and Huaraches. The popular trend can be accredited to the influence from Western African culture which includes dance trends such as “Shoki” and “Azonto”. For many first and second generation Africans the revival of Kente and Ankara with a 21st twist is seen as a reminder or their heritage and highlights one of the benefits of being exposed to more than one culture.


I had the chance to catch up with Yemi (yemsxoclothing), an emerging Nigerian designer of traditional African prints with a British twist who commented on how “young people are becoming more aware of their culture and African fashion so it’s deemed as cool and acceptable to wear on a daily basis”. And, the trend doesn’t stop there! African print dresses and suits are becoming increasingly easier to purchase, meaning that the trend doesn’t have to remain a summer fad.

Post by Sharon Wanjohi