New start up company launched a unique online service for anyone who uses the fragrances on the go. Female customers can customize their travel perfume bottles and try new scents in small quantities. They can choose the size, the color and the fragrance. No more big bulky perfume bottles needed!

As we may all have heard that size doesn’t matter numerous of times, www.travelperfumes.com says SIZE MATTERS! Especially when people want to travel with their favourite fragrance.

The idea to set up that kind of service came up after working in the travel retail industry for 7 years. Creators have discovered what an ordinary person needs in every day travel. They have designed and combined refillable perfume bottles and an online system together. Travel perfume bottle is well designed for refilling. It can be filled up with genuine fragrance and shipped straight to customers’ doors worldwide. More than 200 different scents available at the moment and many more to come every month.


It will make everyone’s life easier when traveling: it can be used on the flight, in the car, in the gym, in the handbag and anywhere you like. Refillable bottle is compact in size and light weight. Travel perfume atomiser is fabricated from light durable plastic, glass and aluminum.

  • It only weights 12 grams when it is empty and 17 grams when it is filled up with perfume.
  • Compact size makes it easy to carry it around. Product height – 90 mm. width – 20 mm.
  • You can make approximately 65 sprays from the full atomiser.

No more breakages and spillages! Safe to use anywhere and anytime. No more big bulky perfume bottles needed. It will easily fit in a hand luggage, pocket, PC suitcase. Travel atomiser is less than 100 ml. and is approved for taking it on the flight. Size matters!!!