Walking down the street, we stare at the screens of our palm-sized devices, rarely making eye contact with those who pass us by. We have become obsessed with constant stimulation from our mobile devices. Information is acquired in seconds and social media allows us to receive updates of the new house our mother-in-law just bought or the baby our cousin just had. We are always connected.

This concept is something that artist Antoine Geiger decided to conceptualize. In his series titled “SUR-FAKE,” he grapples with the idea of our increasing dependance on technology. He warped images of random strangers’ faces being sucked into their phone screens, speaking to the impact technology has had on our physical world. The phones bring us to a new, virtual world but separates us from the present one. By altering the faces, Geiger describes that the screen is an object of “mass subculture” which alienates “the relation to our own body.”

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Image Source: http://antoinegeiger.com/filter/art/SUR-FAKE