For some time, the virtual currency known as the Bitcoin seemed confined only to the depths of the Internet. However, over the years, its grew, along with its accessibility. The first Bitcoin ATM in the UK opened in Shoreditch in 2014, a move which brought the currency firmly into the real world. Since then, many businesses have followed suit and made the innovative move to start accepting Bitcoin payments. Here’s a round-up of some of the coolest places to splash your (virtual) cash.

Buy your Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Nin Com Soup offers breakfast from 7.30am, as well as an impressive rotational menu of over 100 soup recipes. Perhaps most exciting, though, is their range of baked goods, which (take note, foodies!) includes the much raved about ‘cronut’. Its location in Old Street Station makes in the perfect spot for a healthy (or not so healthy) pick-me-up. Follow their twitter @nincomsoupLDN for daily menu updates.


Credit:@nincomsoup via Twitter

Get Cultured

Located, as the name suggests, in what used to be Old Street Station, The Old Shoreditch Station “started life as Shoreditch’s first coffee shop”. After several years and expansions, the venue now regularly hosts pop-up shops, exclusive events, and exhibitions created by JaguarShoes Collective. Their jam-packed timetable makes it a great place to discover local emerging design and music talent, and you can grab a beer whilst you’re at it, too – using your Bitcoin.

Have a Burger… and a Boogie

Self-proclaimed one of the top 3 burgers in London, the experimental burger joint Burger Bear has just opened its HQ, the 500-person-capacity event space Magic Roundabout, in the centre of Old Street Roundabout. Having already seen nights hosted by the likes of XOYO, be prepared for a good deal of dancing to go with the award-winning street food. And if you fancy a burger without the added disco, you’re in luck, as both Just-Eat and Deliveroo can deliver Burger Bear to your door.


Credit: Burger Bear via Facebook

Win more Bitcoins

Since you’re enjoying Bitcoin life so much, why not win yourself some more? Online gaming sites such as Vegas Casino let you play with Bitcoins alone, and often offer great promotions. For instance, here you’ll find the site currently offers 1000 millibitcoins as a welcome bonus. Take your pick from the wide range of services that the online gaming world has to offer, from casino games such as roulette, blackjack and poker, to sports betting, and work your Bitcoin balance whilst you play.



And if you’re feeling a little daring…

Fifth Dimension Tattoo & Piercing studio, located just off Brick Lane, is unique in that all of the products used are 100% natural and vegan. Their completely custom studio works on each client’s tattoo design individually, from scratch, ensuring that your experience is fully personalised. So if you have some Bitcoins saved for a rainy day, maybe it’s time to be a little spontaneous…