Let’s face it: networking events are the worst. At the end of a long day, there is nothing more exhausting than heading to a crowded event in Shoreditch, scanning the room looking for the right person to meet and then feeling anxious about how to break the ice. Wish you could skip the event altogether? The team behind new networking app Shapr has you covered.

Meet Shapr – a networking app that brings you a personalized daily batch of inspiring people to meet. Shapr is a beautiful mashup of Tinder & LinkedIn – a networking power tool with a fun app-based user experience. Shapr makes it easy to connect with professionals in your area so you can skip events and just meet the right people for coffee.


Here’s how it works: Shapr uses smart data to make sure that every swipe counts. When you download the app, it fetches your details from LinkedIn and plugs it into a smart algorithm to match you with like-minded professionals. Everyday, Shapr will curate a batch of 10-15 people to meet according to the specific interests and goals that you list in your profile. Want to meet someone in your batch? Just swipe them right.

When you have a match, just like on Tinder you can start the conversation immediately. The app has a few simple icebreakers if you need a conversation starter. However, the thing we really love about the app is that you have already given your match permission to connect. On LinkedIn, you will often send a cold email that goes unanswered. At an event, you may end up in a 20-minute conversation with someone who you don’t want to meet. Using Shapr, both people have to swipe yes before the conversation begins, so the chances of someone saying yes to coffee are incredibly high.

1-swiping-on-shapr 2-matching-on-shapr 3-chatting-on-shapr

So let’s say you are looking for a Co-Founder, Funding or Job Opportunities, just a few of the real goals you can set on Shapr. The app will help you to quickly find the right people to message. Furthermore, it will suggest people according to your location to make it convenient and easy to continue your conversation offline.

Shapr helps you to create meaningful life changing connections with people that you might not meet otherwise. Basically, it is the quickest and easiest way to connect with like-minded people nearby on a daily basis, and to give you the opportunity to grow as a professional and as an individual, right at your fingertips.

We downloaded the app a few days ago, and we’ve already been able to get some quality networking opportunities. Don’t take our word for it — try it yourself! You can download the Shapr app here. We hope it will be a useful addition to your networking game in Shoreditch!