This is an advertorial for Universal Channel

Universal Channel has unveiled their new campaign by introducing extraordinary characters from UK and Ireland.

They have already introduced Amir Miah who founded the project ‘Your Bike’ which gives ex-offenders, those involved in serious crime, gang violence or not in employment or education- training and employment opportunities.  Now they’ve unveiled the inspiring story of Lorraine Galvin who went from being a survivor into a life saver.

“When I saw an advert for a lifeboat service, I just knew that’s what I had to do. Being at the helm and helping other people gives me such strength”

When Lorraine was 16, she and 4 other rowing screw spent nearly 3 hours waiting for rescue after their boat capsized. That day, she thought she was going to drown and that no help will come until she was spotted and saved by some fishermen. Fastforward to today and she’s now devoting her time rescuing other people as a volunteer for RNLI.

What makes Lorraine an amazing character is her ability to turn a traumatic experience into a life changing one. Instead of fearing the water, she chose to face it. Her near death experience didn’t faze her, it shaped her. Her story is about going against the grain, finding courage in the strangest of places and putting others in front of you. If you want to learn more about her, you can head here.

If you want to discover the other characters in the 100% Character Uncovered series, you can visit Universal Channel’s website here and also follow them on Facebook and Twitter