Lay the table and open the wine – one of the biggest food trends in 2017 is expanding in to London.

As time goes by we look for more and more diverse ways to travel across the globe. All-inclusive resorts are becoming a thing of the past and we increasingly look towards experiencing our travels through the eyes of locals.

VizEat is Europe’s leading immersive food experience platform which connects travellers with locals in exclusive venues to share amazing culinary events: dinners, cooking classes, food tours, wine tasting, rooftop parties.  It is possible to host almost any type of event via VizEat.

VizEat are ending 2016 having been named one of the top 3 apps in Spain, Italy and France (the latter being their country of origin) and in 2017 they are looking to expand across Europe, with London being a main city because of the exciting and diverse gastronomy and the plethora of talented foodies in the city.

Become a host  

Hosting with VizEat is the perfect opportunity for London’s foodies and home chefs to share a delicious meal with soon to be new friends, whilst making some extra cash. You are able to create as many different types of events as you want, so you can host anything from a Sunday brunch, Friday night cocktail tasting, cooking class or a dinner showcasing your skills in the kitchen.  What’s even better that you are able to set your own price and keep 100% of the money.

All the guests are either exploring travelers or local foodies who want a unique and genuine dining experience. This is a perfect way to exchange and share different cultures in the comfort of your own home. Meal sharing experiences are set to be one of the top trends in 2017, so if you always dreamed about having your own cooking class or just wanted to make a bit of money doing what you love and sharing your skills with others, there is no better time to do this than right now!

Ready to seat your table? Go to and design an offer that suits your skills and fill out the simple form.

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