Tobias Vierneisel, or graphic artist Farbtunnel, developed a new technique called Dotting. Creating watercolor paintings, he uses syringes to apply the color. The artist is based in Bonn, Germany, and he uses paper, pen and brushes too.

Vierneisel created dotting and took watercolor to a level I’ve never seen. Usually watercolor insinuates that there are blurred borders and amorphous shapes. this artist has clear and defined lines and dots using watercolors, all with the syringe.

Geometric or tribal, the detail and color put into the dotting creates stunning artwork. With the feel of illustrating and the depth of painting, Vierneisel captivates with his developed technique.

dotting_how_6-1024x681 dotting_2-1024x682 dotting_abstract_5_72-1024x676 dotting_abstract_5_0_72-1024x676 fish_V1_1-1024x682 skull_V2_black_72-1024x715 Farbtunnel_skull_V2-1024x682 skull_V1_mixed_1_72-1024x718 Farbtunnel_Skull_V1-1024x682 Butterfly_V1_0b_72-1024x594 butterfly1-1024x682 dragonfly_dotting_ornament_illustration_final_inv_g_72-1024x682 dragonfly_dotting_ornament_illustration_final_g_72-1024x682 seehorse_V2_1-682x1024 seehorse_V2-682x1024 Face_Dotting_Ornament_illustration_inv_gfinal_72-682x1024   dragonfly_how_2-1024x681

All artwork by Tobias Vierneisel: http://www.farbtunnel.de/dotting-art/