Dating apps have become a big part of our busy city lives over the last few years. If you have not tried one (even if just for fun) you are either super lucky or you have been living under a rock. There are plenty of apps to choose from, but if you are truly looking for a second half and want to develop a serious relationship, we are sorry to disappoint you, but most of the dating apps are not for you. However, if swiping through the dates is not your thing and you appreciate more immersive service with a personal touch, you should try Once.

Built around your unique preferences, Once app concentrates on quality rather than quantity, handpicking one to four potential matches every 24 hours. There are many reasons to use Once, but what makes this dating app so special is the new feature called “Personal Matchmaker”. It takes the digital matchmaking to a new level bringing offline dating agency model online where you can talk with Once Matchmaker in real-time, get advice and suggestions about potential matches.

It is a premium service, which means you will have to pay a little to use it, but it is a small price to pay for experienced and qualified Cupid shooting love arrows from your phone. Personal Matchmakers will handpick profiles according to your suggestions and advise you how to break the ice and start the conversation. They will support and guide you all the way through your journey to love, just to make sure that you always have someone to talk to and ask for advice.

We know that it may all sound a bit weird and going backwords, but living in the city we got used to the idea if we need something to get fixed we don’t spend our precious time on trying to figure out how to do it – we bring in the specialist to do that for us. The way we see it is all about saving time, probably you could find that special someone after spending weeks or months browsing through the profiles, but why bother when you can pay a little to do the heavy lifting for you – let the builders build and the matchmakers make matches. So just, let your matchmaker know about your ideal date or dreamlike companionship and let the magic happen!

It might not be for everyone’s taste but if you’re looking for more personalised approach to dating with savvy and enjoyable experience, Once Match Maker service is definitely worth trying out.