Saatchi Gallery will be hosting an all female show curated by Olly Walker. Urban contemporary and graffiti art are newer genres that give opportunities for female artists to show their talents.

“But especially in a genre so closely connected with an extremely fast pace and based on territory markings, constant travel and rejection of any expectations society might have there still is a lot of space and opportunity for women artists, curators or creatives to take part in the conversation,” said Yasha Young, Urban Nation, supporter of XX: A Moment in Time.

On 3rd February, the Saatchi Gallery in London will open the exhibition in the Prints & Originals Gallery. XX features new works by contemporary female street and graffiti artists. A global span of artists are represented, including Japan, USA, Europe, Russia, South Africa, Canada and Argentina. For some of the artists, it will be their first time exhibited in the UK.

XX will be alongside female contemporary art in the major exhibition Champagne Life. XX is looking to share a wide variety of female talent to inspire future women artists. The gap between male and female artists has closed somewhat, but still exists. Women need to have a stronger voice in street art. Without female perspective and ideas, society only gets half the benefits from contemporary street art.”

“The women exhibited here are pioneers within the world of street art; newcomers that have made their mark in countries all over the world and artists that have become part of the new urban contemporary movement.” said Young.

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