Lois Greenfield’s dance photography captures moments unseen

Dance is movement, defiance of gravity, and presence of space. While in the air, a dancer’s movement happens so rapidly that moments of pure elegance are often lost to the viewer during a live performance.

Dance photographer Lois Greenfield captures these lost moments through his camera lens. She regularly uses interesting frames and cropping techniques to highlight the beauty of the dancers’ split-second actions. By doing so, she encourages the viewer to think beyond the frame and how the subject occupies space, depicting both what is seen and unseen.

Lois’ new book, “Lois Greenfield: Moving Still” published by Thames and Hudson in the UK and Chronicle Books in the US, features the new “One to One” series,  where photographer incorporates props and fabrics to accentuate the fluidity of each movement. Her intention was to create motion out of stillness. She described her work as having “what appears to be immobile is actually in flux” and intends to capture the dancer as a solidified object while having the props in motion.

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Image Source: http://www.loisgreenfield.com/