Skateboarding, next to art, is one of the most creative activities one can engage in. At least this is what visual artist Crist Espiritu tries to portray with his new mural. The piece is about “the creative process that goes with skateboarding” according to Espiritu. Although he is based in Manila, Philippines, his work reflects the randomness and rawness of the streets that can be found anywhere in the world.

Espiritu has been a skateboarder his whole life and it has had a great impact in his life. The mural is a tribute to this lifestyle. At the same time, the new piece is meant to be a step towards a cure for fickle attention span and desensitized minds. It is easy in our time to just walk through life and not notice the things around us. Espiritu wishes to challenge the mundaneness of life with his work.

We are living in times where it is easy to just give up and be one with the herd going through the mundane motions of everyday life. Espiritu says he aims to “spread inspiration and a culture of critical thinking” through his art. His works are both visually striking and mentally challenging.

As he sees it, skateboarding is pure “thoughts made into actions.” The creativity and fluidity of the practice is reflected in the mural itself. Espiritu has always been fascinated by the psychology behind society and he believes there is no better place to observe this than the streets. He calls it a “front row seat to humanity’s animal core.”