Originally from the Philippines, artist Angge Lorente has recently done a series of artworks in the street. Although she only dabbles in street art from time to time (she mostly works in her studio), her paintings are compelling, intriguing and visually striking. She is fascinated with the human form and paints in a realistic style with outstanding precision. Her most recent series focuses on the human eye as well as the effect of conflict in society and pop culture. One of her works is a tribute to David Bowie, for example.

Most of her works are realistic with a touch of mystery. Her decision to work in street art comes from her wish to access bigger audiences. The objective of her public art pieces is to stir up the psyche of those passing by, making them stop and appreciate the beauty around them. Because of the realistic aspect of her works, viewers can relate to the emotions and mystique of the paintings. The eyes look straight at the viewer, challenging him or her and engaging those walking by. Each has an unfolding narrative that captures the imagination.

Most of her artwork can be found in her Tumblr, but her street art is sure to be the one to inspire a wider audience.


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