A human face is full of color, creativity and meaning. Milan artist Francesco Messina explores this with his new series of works focused on the human face. The majority of his pieces use an anonymous face but he has done some work in portraying celebrities as well.

He works in colour and black and white. His colour pieces focus on different objects and prints cut to fit a human profile. None of them are monochromatic, but instead are explosions of colour and shapes that engage the viewer’s eye. His black and white pieces, on the other hand, accentuate the use of textures and prints. Although they are not as bright as the faces full of colour, their monochromatic quality draws attention to the face itself, and in many cases to the human gaze of the subject.

Messina deals mainly with digital graphics and websites, but his real interest is in creating pieces like the following illustrations. The process includes painting on ancient archival papers and realizing art print with vector graphics. His work could be considered very mathematic and geometrical. Although the human faces and bodies are the outline and focus of the pieces, they are made of an eruption of shapes and lines of all colours and sizes.

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