Just 10 of the Most Handsome Men We’ve Spotted on Badoo

Did you spot the man of your dreams on the tube this morning? Probs not. And if he was there, you definitely didn’t look up from your phone!

It’s unlikely you’ll get to meet “the one” on the Northern Line, but you might have a better chance on Badoo. It’s one of the biggest dating apps in the world and now it’s making some serious waves through London. On the app, you can not only swipe people you like (or don’t like), but you can also explore who’s nearby and who you’ve bumped into throughout the day.

Taking this information on board, I decided to be nosey at the local talent and give Badoo a go. Until now, it seems as though I’ve been missing out on some of London’s finer offerings…

1. George – He has a dog, therefore I don’t really need to see his face… (but that’s nice too)


2. Edoardo – Definitely wins the award for whitest teeth


3. Lucas – The sunglasses can’t hide those cheekbones from me, honey!


4. Matt – A nice smile melts my cold heart.


5. Toby – I’m not sure why, but a patterned tee really does it for me.


6. Tom – This guy could sure manage me.


7. Lucas – A bit of stubble and a lot of smoulder. Hellooooo Lucas.


8. Bruno – He works at Zara. I shop at Zara. Interesting…


9. Jake – You gotta throw one or two cliches in the mix, right?


10. Luke – Estate agent? With modern interiors and a nice space in the rear…


Think you can do an even better job of finding some keepers in London? Download Badoo and see who you come across…