We know that London boys are a picky bunch so we asked 5 guys from Chappy, the new gay dating app, to tell us their ideal date spots around town.

Chappy launched last month with a mission to give gay men more choice and control in the online dating space. Whether you’re looking for something more serious (Mr Right) or something a little more last minute and spontaneous (Mr Right Now), Chappy’s features get rid of those awkward, “what you looking for?” questions to help you find guys on your wavelength.

Robbie, Hackney – Favourite date spot: Dalston Curve Garden

I like going somewhere a bit more chill for a date. Dalston Curve Garden is perfect for Summer, it’s unpretentious and different from your average date location. Seeing your date in daylight is also a good way of working out if there’s going to be a date number 2.

Arthur, Notting Hill – Favourite date spot: E&O

I’m a bit old-fashioned and a massive foodie, so I try and pull out all the stops on a first date. E&O in the middle of Notting Hill does mean dim sum (soppy fact, dim sum means ‘touch the heart’ in Chinese… you’re welcome). Their drinks are pretty strong too so it helps the chat get going.

Mark, Finsbury Park – Favourite date spot: Faltering Fullback

I love a good pub. I’m pretty last minute (disorganised) so like to be able to rock up whenever to find a fun and lively atmosphere. Faltering Fullback is one of my personal faves for a date. There is even a beer garden if the sun decides to reappear anytime soon.

Noah, Peckham – Favourite date spot: The Nines

Most people flock to Frank’s when the sun’s out but I go tactical and pick somewhere less obvious. The Nines do a sweet happy hour and they also host loads of different events so the date is a bit more memorable. There are tables outside too for summer nights.

Joseph, Soho – Favourite date spot: Garlic and Shots

The name should probably serve as a red flag (garlic alert) but this place is one of the most jokes places I’ve been in a while. It verges on ratchet but I’d much rather go somewhere low-key than try and impress with a fancy meal.

Find a date to take to one of these hotspots on Chappy, download now.

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