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Ahhh Single in the City. You can forget about romantic tube rides and being seduced by overpriced cocktails – you’ve heard enough from Carrie Bradshaw. Being single in the city ain’t all it’s cracked up to be when you’re left battling public transport, dreary weather and extortionate rent on your own… Fortunately, there’s a new dating app that helps fix all your single woes: Badoo.

So, what is Badoo about?

You already have 40* friends on it

Badoo is one of the most popular dating apps in the world. So if you’re an average Londoner, you’ll spot a few familiar faces already on it. I’d consider myself pretty average, but wasn’t expecting any of my friends to be on it when I checked. Turns out I have 49 Facebook friends on the app (lols). I guess they knew something I didn’t.

You can see if and where exactly you’ve bumped into someone.

If it was at Infernos, perhaps you were made for each other (or maybe you might want to think again…)

You don’t have waste time swiping through London’s not-so-finest

If your hardened thumbs are in need of a break, Badoo also has another feature that lets you peruse all the profiles of people nearby – so you don’t have to spend hours swiping (if you don’t want to).

You can snoop at all the friends you have in common

This is a real eye-opener, especially if those friends in common are the wrong ones (if ya get me). After all, you don’t want to end up with a guy who plays rugby with your ex. Right…?

It’s safe AF


Not sure safe is necessarily sexy, but hey – if you’re into that kind of thing (this is London after all), you might be interested to know Badoo’s verification system. If you’re familiar with Twitter/Facebook’s blue tick of ‘legit-ness’, Badoo has applied it to profiles to show who’s gone the extra mile to verify theirs. (Send a selfie with the requested pose and link your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts to get that little blue gem.)

You can see when people are online

Fed up of ghosting? (Let’s be honest, we all are…) Well, Badoo will show you who’s online with a little green dot, helping you identify and eliminate all those not-so-friendly Caspers.

You can change the location of where you swipe

If all else fails you can get the fuck out of London altogether (you could change your settings on the app and search for a nice little foreign fling?)


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