Summer in London is a glorious time. The streets come alive, parks are filled with picnics and Pimm’s, the outdoor festival season kicks off, and you can (mostly) wander around without fear of an imminent downpour or mini hurricane. Therefore, we think your wardrobe should mirror what is happening with the weather, and that means bright, glittery, and colourful outfits! So, replace sombre moods with happy hues, as this is the time the notoriously grey and drizzly city comes alive with a burst of colour and brilliance!

We think some of the following ideas are perfect summer possibilities, so go ahead and see which ones are for you.

Try a blazing yellow dress

With the sun’s rays at their strongest, you might not think that you need any more yellow sunshine on the streets of London, but you’d be wrong. It’s hard not to feel those summer vibes upon seeing a yellow dress, and time and time again, celebs will showcase several vibrant options. Everyone from Rita Ora to Jennifer Lopez all the way to Kate Middleton have been spotted wearing sunny yellow dresses, and they look nothing but fantastic. This colour looks a bit out of place in the colder seasons, so as the warm days aren’t around for long, make the most of it while you can!

Silver and gold aren’t just for jewellery

The Olympics might not be in London anymore, but you’ll still be able to witness some gold, silver, and bronze around the city. These shiny metallics are the perfect antidote to any form of rain, wind, or hail you may have been encountering in the winter, and we believe that this gleaming idea should start from the ground up – with your shoes. Whether it’s silver slip-ons from Paul Green or golden loafers by Softwaves, taking a look at this selection will give you all the inspiration you need to brighten up the concrete with some resplendent shoes.

Bring back the 70s, baby

Tie-dye, floral prints, and glam… the 70s was one of the boldest and brightest periods for fashion, and it appears as if those times are swinging back again. Thanks to kids probably raiding their parents’ wardrobes, totally groovy outfits have been appearing on many second-hand websites, and we’re all the better for it. As any fashionista will tell you, wearing something a bit flashy can be done when you’ve got confidence and swagger, and it’d be a shame if some of these amazing 70s pieces were hidden away in a dusty drawer – we say put them on! Vinted has some funky vintage clothing that could be your next party outfit – clothing that will definitely reawaken the flower power days and boogie nights.