AyseDeniz is a classically trained pianist, and a graduate of the Royal Academy of Music. After her Pink Floyd arrangements in the style of Franz Liszt went viral, she has been surrounded with a fan base that is young and curious to listen to classical interpretations of iconic rock/pop songs. She will be performing at Rich Mix on Sunday (21 of May) and will focus on spontaneous music making with the decisions of the audience members, at which she will compose new piano pieces on the spot, and interact with the audience to make melodic decisions. She will also play some of her rock transcriptions that have written improvisations.

Concert pianist/composer AyseDeniz will be exploring different sounds and textures of the piano, while interacting with audience members. She will ask them to come up with numbers, sing along and improvise based on those. She will also play some of her arrangements  by Nirvana and Pink Floyd that have written improvisations, and create sounds over a backing track.

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