Formula 1 is the type of sport, in which everything moves fast. The cars, the drivers, the people and even the flashing lights of photographers are on fire. To produce stunning, high-quality pictures of such an event, top of the range, modern cameras and very skilled professionals are required.

However, this is not the case for Joshua Paul, an American photographer who creates amazing black and white pictures with the help of his old-school camera from 1913.

Instead of using the latest, high-quality equipment, as his peers do, he decided to shoot the fascinating fast-paced sport with his 104-year-old Graflex, which he got while studying photography at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.

Joshua has, without a doubt, an incredible talent and pays great attention to detail, because to capture racing cars at the highest speed, as well as the atmosphere of such a vigorous event, is not an easy job.

His old camera, unlike its modern prototypes, can only capture 20 shots in total and that’s why the photographs he creates must be perfectly planned before. You can see that each of his pictures are taken with great care and elegance and they perfectly catch the buzzing atmosphere, making you feel like you’re on the racing track too.