Tattoos are cool as they are, whether they’re black and white, colourful, micro small or they cover a whole body. But how far can an artist go, with only using one single line?

Iranian tattoo artist, Mo Ganji likes to push the limits and he creates amazing tattoos by bending and weaving one continuous line into complex images of mostly animals, nature and people.

The artist hasn’t been on the scene for long; he gave up a successful corporate job to fulfill his dreams and pursue his passion for body art in 2014, but he managed to create an unusual signature in a short period of time.

The inspiration for his unusual, minimalist artwork came from the life itself and the energy that flows all around us.”Everyone is one. One continuous energy that just goes and goes and goes,” he told Washington Post about his concept.

The goal of his approach is to create simple images with a strong impact.

Mo Ganji now lives and works in the artsy Berlin, the capital city of Germany and the heaven on earth for every European artist.His artworks are known not just around the country, but thanks to his large Instagram following- 286k- their popularity has spread also worldwide. People from all around Europe travel to Berlin to get of one of Mo Ganji’s exclusive designs and his bookings are full for two months in advance.

His work is definitely worth a peek- Check it out on the pictures below

For more pictures and information, visit his Instagram @moganji and website