Pokémon is a big part of the fashion world. Not only in Japan and China, but also in the rest of the world’s countries, the colourful and alien looking characters found their way into many households in form of clothing, shoes and all types of accessories.

But while their faces are mostly seen on clothes of small kids and juveniles, how would it look like if Pokémon met with designer fashion, made for elegant and stylish, grown up individuals?

Well, a Tumblr page called Pokémon&Fashion is all about showing the contrast between world-class fashion editorials and the popular fictional characters.

The page was founded by Francis Phommisai, a fashion and Pokémon loving individual in 2011 and it shows a large number of fashion photographs merged with Pokémon’s most favourite creatures.

Balenciaga, Dior, Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein are among the many, whose fashion campaigns have been invaded by the ‘artist’s’ imagination. The cute monsters are everywhere; hiding in designer bags, stepping on models’ clothes and in some cases, they even replaced the models with their own, funky faces. Francis’s unusual approach has definitely gained him success and he continues in his passion by creating more images every day.

See below the fun assemblages and if you haven’t had enough, there is much more on his Tumblr page.


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