We got it, having bomb eyebrows is now considered to be more important than anything else on your face. Every one of us likes to hear the usual: “Your brows look on fleek today” comment when having lunch with a friend or doing quick outfit shopping for a crazy night out with the girls, so there’s no wonder that women are taking their eyebrows seriously.

Brows on fleek- also became a slogan of Browhaus London, a chain of salons in London’s most popular locations- Covent Garden, Holborn and Chelsea. One is for sure, the inspiration must have come from young, beauty enthusiasts who like their face to look on point all day, every day.

There’s a lot of salons specializing in facial hair treatments and new ones are popping up in the capital every day. However, Browhaus plays a different game.

Every one of the quirky facial hair salons has their own unique concept, with Holborn branch being designed as the famous Grand Hotel Budapest.

As soon as you walk in, you’re surrounded by smiley staff, while the receptionist, peeking from behind a majestic counter is ready to help you with all your concerns and needs.The place looks unusual, almost extravagant. Watermelon pink and bright yellow walls are surrounding the round-shaped room while tiled bathroom-like floor shines brighter than the finest diamonds. And if it wasn’t for the massage tables with towels neatly spread next to each other, one could even forget their presence in a salon, instead of in a lobby of a fancy hotel.

You can choose from one of Browhau’s typical treatments, such as thread, tweeze and colour tweak or any combination of these three, but the place also offers a brow resurrection; a semi-permanent treatment for anyone who wishes to have full, natural eyebrows without an effort. The advanced technique is exclusive to Browhaus and has amazing results.

When the lovely therapist (note: her bomb eyebrows are the salon’s signature) starts with the famous cotton twisting treatment, you’ll be thrown away how painless the whole thing is. In the next 10 minutes, you’ll visit a world of ultimate brow pampering, while being involved in some deep girly beauty talk.

The results are amazing and they underline the salon’s motto. In one sentence; Your brows will be on fleek.

So, whether you’re just about to pop the threading cherry, or you’re already introduced to this kind of treatment, make sure to visit Browhaus the next time your facial hair will need a bit of a grooming joy.