A contemporary, US-based artist, Jonathan Gardner creates bright coloured oil paintings, over half of which illustrate half-naked or semi-clothed, blank-faced women with disembodied body parts.

Clearly influenced by some of the biggest names in art history, Pablo Picasso, Magritte and Matisse, the artist’s work is exceptional with its unrealistic shapes, colours and context, taking hints from Surrealism and Pop Art. His artworks mostly consist of portraits of bored females, captured in the most bizarre situations and often with a cigarette smoke blowing from their mouths. Their bodies occasionally break and twist in the most unusual spots, making one cringe hard, but it’s not easy to look away.

Thanks to the artist’s unrealistic approach and body shapes, such as the perfectly round breasts and often geometrically perfect settings his pieces catch the attention of many people and are surprisingly amusing.


More information and pictures can be found on his personal Instagram page @jonathanwgardner