In Indonesia, there is no need to wait for a rainbow to appear in the sky.

A former run-down slum Kampung Pelangi in Indonesia has transformed into a rainbow village, boosting with houses of bright colours and amusing designs.

The project, aimed to bring the small village back to life was inspired by three other towns in the country, that already adopted this type of design idea.

photo credits: anomharyaarieprakhman

A 54-year old junior high principal Slamet Widodo was the one who initiated the project, as he saw that his home town needed an improvement and more attention from the outside world. The project encourages “the active involvement of citizens in the improvement of their home and residents will also undertake the cleaning of the nearby river,” said the town’s mayor Hendrar Prihadi.

By proposing the makeover to local government, Widodo helped to turn more than 232 homes in Kampung Pelangi into works of art.Narrow streets with exceptional designs and houses and murals covered in vivid bright colours burst with life, making the visitors, as well as locals, smile every time they see it.

The project was sponsored by the Indonesian government, which invested more than $22k to paint the town, and it was definitely worth it.This new village trend in Indonesia has alerted tourists and brought more visitors to all of these rainbow locations, including Kampung Pelangi, helping the local businesses immensely. According to Indonesian Builders Association, the village is already seeing a rise in souvenir and food sales and thanks to the abstract houses being so popular on Instagram, new people are coming to town every day to snap a cool picture and explore this quirky place.

Visitors fell in love with the village’s funky and hippie atmosphere and increased the village’s international tourism as well as helped the local economy. One is for sure; The future for Kampung Pelangi now looks brighter and livelier than ever.


photo credits: arieprakhman

photo credits: isnaininurul51

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photo credits: nicolas_ertaf