In the modern world, technology is so advanced that creating TV logos takes graphic designers only a few minutes and clicks on the screen. Back in the day, it wasn’t so easy. In order to create dynamic logos, TV stations and production companies had to get a little bit more creative.

It might be surprising to find out, that some of the most world-known TV logos, which are still being used today, were made by using physical objects, instead of computers and high-class technology.

One of them is also Leo the Lion, which has been the official mascot for MGM- Metro-Goldwyn- Mayer Studios for 60 years when discovered in 1957. The MGM production filmed a variety of lions since 1917, but Leo became the true superstar. You might remember him from movies and cartoons of your childhood as he was always roaring inside a golden frame at the beginning of the opening sequence.

Same goes with Columbia Pictures, which dates back to 1924 when the name was changed from Cohn-Brandt-Cohn Film Sales. The lady starring in their most recent logo- wearing a drape and holding a torch, representing Columbia (personification of United States) is a model, Jenny Joseph. Artist Michael J. Deas created an oil painting of her, which has been later digitalized and animated into what it is today.

And that’s not all. See below behind-the-scenes pictures of some of the most amazing physical TV logos ever.

RTFV Television



Columbia Pictures
























MGM (Metro Goldwyn Mayer)