Snatched Moments in Shoreditch: London Fields Forever

Trevor and Heather were lounging in the grass, sleepy under the sun. Feeling squishy they spoke to each other in baby-like voices.

“Do you love me lots and lots Beaky?”
Heather called Trevor ‘Beaky’ on account of his long, arched nose. It looked like a beak.
“Of course I love you monkey!” he said pinching her fleshy cheek.
“For ever and ever?!” She squeaked.
“Of course monkey.” He pincered more of her cheek. “My little monkey…!” he growled.
Her face became somewhat deformed by the pinching and her cheek was now pink. 
“For ever and ever and ever?” She asked with an upward inflection, still like that of a child.
“For at least forever!” he guffed.
“It wouldn’t be no fun not having my dinky man around y’know. My spongy love,” she sparkled, “pulse of my heart! So… forever?”
“For-EVER my little squeako.”
“I luff you Beaky,” Heather swooned, floating into slumberville between his arched knees.
“I love you too,” said Trevor, and the trees waltzed lazily in the breeze.

Lost in a dream as the afternoon yawned, they lay there until dark – immersed in something scarily close to love.