The young talent, Lenara Choudhury launched her newest photography exhibition in the basement of a funky bar, Jaguar Shoes in Shoreditch.

Lenara Choudhury started her photography career as a hobby, taking pictures of her friends and places she’s traveled to. It wasn’t too long after she started contributing to KLLKT website (now defunct), which she used as a tool to publish her work on a different platform than Facebook.This has brought her attention of various publications and eventually gained Lenara her first real job and collaboration with Intern magazine, where she worked on Issue One and shot an exclusive feature called Autumnal Light.

Thanks to the amazing collab, Lenara kick offed a career as a photographer and she now shoots for publications such as I-D and various other creatives in the industry, while working on her private projects and a portfolio at the same time. Lenara’s work is mostly driven by fashion and naturalism, as she does a lot of photoshoots for fashion brands and her friends- stylists and designers while focusing on the beauty of human faces.

SOLO exhibition features her most recent work- portraits of young women in both colour and black and white.

The beautiful, clear and Tumblr- worth images are hanging on the brick walls of the bar’s underground drink and dance space, with soft lights creating a cosy atmosphere.


Visit Lenara’s official website, Tumblr page and Instagram for more amazing photographs and info.