Whether you’re a cat person or not, you must agree that cats are unpredictable animals, capable of anything. Even though most of our pussy companions’ schedules consist of sleeping, eating, strolling around the streets (if they’re lucky) and treating us as their servants, sometimes they are capable of doing amazing things. And sometimes we are able to watch them do it too.

Vienna-based photographer Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek created a series of photographs of his feline friends Ume, Elli, Flitzie, Nevio and Fiffy, flying through the air of his home. The cats are jumping from bookshelves, over the furniture and house plants, into bathtubs and on the floor. It’s amazing to see them in such a motion, because even though we often find our cats relaxing in the most unusual places, such as the top of the fridge or kitchen cabinets, wondering “How the hell did they get there?”, most of the time we don’t actually see them in action.

To produce these action shots, he often hid around corners of the rooms and behind large objects. He kept trying for days until he finally got lucky and was able to capture the cats leaping through the air. Gebhart de Koekkoek explains, that in order to make cats comfortable around him, he spent a long time getting to know them. And they getting to know him, of course. “I spent a few months in private sessions with all of them to establish a deep and unearthly connection before we started to even think about taking any pictures,” he explains.

The resulting pictures are joyful and it seems like the cats really enjoyed the artist’s secret project.