Ever wondered how kings and queens felt when refreshing themselves in their majestic bathrooms full of golden mosaic tiles, human-size mirrors in expensive frames and satin blankets neatly spread out in every corner? Today you can experience this pampering feeling on your own skin, whenever you want to. Even such a normal thing as washing your hands can now be a pleasurable experience, thanks to these colorful design sinks from London Basin company.

The basins are unique works of art, made with excellent care of designers to bring a life to your bathroom and make your daily routine a memorable adventure. Each of the porcelain sinks uses a range of techniques and is decorated with designs inspired from different countries and cultures from around the world.


Found by a mother and daughter Anna and Natalie, who are both passionate about interior design and love being surrounded by beautiful things, the London basin company is a unique way of transforming your home or business into a work of art. Their Morrocan and Asian style basins change boring and bald bathrooms into stunning places while brightening up your day no matter what time you have to wake up in the morning. And don’t worry if your bathroom isn’t exactly king’s sized- these basins are created to not take up a lot of space and still be able to amaze.

Fascinating designs, such as Japanese koi carps and flower baroque patterns will transfer you to a totally different world and make you feel like a total god or a goddess that you are. Only from looking at the pictures, they bring a bohemian mood into our lives and make us wish we could have them in our homes too.



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