Mechelle Bounpraseuth is a Sydney-based artist who has recently completed BFA at the National Art school, majoring in ceramics. Although just finished her degree, her work has been already exhibited at the National Gallery of Australia, Ambush Gallery, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre and the Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney.

Growing up in a suburban area of South-western Sydney with Laotian migrant parents who fled poverty and political oppression in search of a better life, her work is an autobiographical representation of her life and struggles- growing up in public houses and the difficulty of navigating her identity.

Sad food, rubbish, cigarette butts and pigeons are reoccurring symbols signifying loss and sadness, however, they’re humorous and show acceptance of the world and society how it is. Taking such everyday objects and making them into pieces of art adds value to them and shows how they shape and represent our society. The bright and vivid colours bring the clay objects to life and make them look real and almost touchable.

At the end, it’s the realistic approach for art and life that gained Mechelle such a success.