Fashion icon Sheena Liam,the winner of the second cycle of Asia’s Next Top Model is not only a world-known model but also a great artist. The proof is her beautiful embroidery art with a three-dimensional touch which she creates in her spare time and between shoots and shows.

Using embroidery hoops and a black thread as a substitute for her subject’s long locks, Liam’s embroidered art features women with flowing locks of hair. Inspired by Asian women and culture, her art pictures mostly long and black-haired women, each of them wearing a different hairstyle.Sometimes she even portrays her characters gracefully flowing their hair out of the embroidery hoop, adding a three-dimensional touch to the piece. From neat long hair, french braids, cornrows and messy buns to long ponytails – each piece features a different girl and her original hairstyle that cascades on the canvas in the most graceful way.

As told Teen Vogue, Sheena is hoping to have her solo exhibition one day to debut her art and we cannot wait, hoping that she will succeed not only as a model but also an artist.

Check out her Instagram for more pictures.