Dating apps are great but let’s face it getting judged by your appearance by a bunch of random people isn’t. Which is why we’re so excited to see a new app on the market: Huggle  matches you with people who go to the places you go!

So whether you like to hang out at exclusive places like Shoreditch House or you’d rather spend your days training at Barry’s Bootcamp – Huggle  will connect you with people who go to the places you go and show you how many places you have in common with someone.

Huggle  is the first social app to match people based on mutual places. The app still employs swiping but with a little twist – you can see people who you have places in common with.

So how does it work?

Huggle automatically checks you in to the places you go to and adds them to your list of places. Here you can view your locations and tap to see who else goes to your favourite places. When you see someone who looks interesting you can either check out their profile, press ‘like’ or send them a message.

Whatever your lifestyle or interests, it’s important to find someone who also shares what you’re into. There’s no point wasting time, meeting people who you don’t have anything in common with. And thanks to Huggle, you can skip any awkward moments and chat with like-minded souls!

So next time you’re hanging-out at your favourite place wondering who else goes there – you can now finally find out with Huggle.

Download Huggle now!