Hackney Wick is no longer an area of only abandoned warehouses and industries, where skint artists look for their shelter and flow of inspiration between piles of rubbish from engineering works and nearby industries.

While the artsy breeze still flows in the area, Hackney is more and more becoming a place where less casual and not only artsy people come to hang out, dine and wine and to get away from the busy life in the central. To feel a bit more relaxed and to zone out for a while.

One of the top notch locations in Hackney Wick is this canalside gem-a street full of restaurants and hip little places to chew down on quality food and try great boozy drinks. Not far away from its hipster sister, Shoreditch, Hackney is luring everyone to come to her side.

Shane’s on Canalside is one of the first restaurants on this street, which is lit up with festoon lights and reminds us of warm, summer garden parties. Situated next to the canal, it’s location and design- wooden, scratched tables and plants everywhere- definitely takes us on a vacation to some romantic, European city. This contemporary restaurant whose creator comes from New Zealand showcases seasonal Britain, with the menu changing as the seasons come and go.

The gourmet menu of the restaurant stands out as much as the decorations and setting fit in the hippie, holiday mood. The menu, laid out on a piece of paper presented to you on a clipboard mostly consists of meaty dishes and is really hard to tell the cuisine of the restaurant, as it offers a vibrant selection of food ranging from beef carpaccio and different meals prepared from wild rabbit to mussels and healthy salads. Shane’s specialty are its tender, mouthwatering steaks, which are served with summer greens and fries. We tried them and they were simply amazing! The restaurant’s motto goes “Wild meats, line caught fish, the wild foraged seasonal produce, small ethical producers, people that care” and you can definitely taste the freshness and love for the environment in every bite of their food you take.The cosy atmosphere will make you feel like at home, with friendly waiters being always ready to help.

The selection of desserts is much smaller, but don’t worry, you’ll definitely find something you like. Whether it’s the chocolate lava cake, apple crumble with ice-cream or classic eaton mess with a little twist (they add all types of summer berries here instead of using only strawberries), you’ll want to come back for more. Trust us when we say you won’t even feel guilty for eating so much. And if you’re not exactly a sweet tooth, grab a cheese board served with raw goat milk- something unique worth trying.

But what would a great food experience be without drinks? Shane’s wide selection of wines and cocktails will make sure you’re not leaving thirsty, but rather tipsy. Daily specials include for example Watermelon Margarita or Elderflower Apple Bellini.

Shane’s is definitely a one of a kind restaurant which food will never bore you. Besides dining, it also offers foraging tours through local woods and grasslands, where you’ll learn about plants and flowers which are essential ingredients used in many of their meals. If you’re set off to something more exciting, try Shane’s wild butchery class, which will take you through knife skills and butchery techniques, using seasonal fresh wild meats such as pheasant, deer, pigeon and rabbit. This experience will leave you armed with tasty recipes and will teach you different cuts and preparations you never knew you needed.

If interested, you can book directly on their website Shane’s on Canalside

Make sure to visit Shane’s the next time you head down to Hackney.We promise you an exceptional, holiday atmosphere and wonderful food and drinks which will please all your secret desires and won’t ruin your wallet at the same time.

Shane’s on Canalside 
26 East Bay Lane
Here East
London E15 2GW

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