Hackney Wick has always been known as the epicentre of art in London; abandoned warehouses and industries, craft breweries, funky bars and art spaces are the evidence of young emerging talents thriving in the area. But you don’t need to be an up and coming DJ sponsored by Supreme to snack and drink like a local.

One of the hidden-gem locations in Hackney Wick, tucked away from warehouses is its renovated canalside, known as Here East. Three buildings used as a retail and office space have one thing in common; they boast a lively street right next to the water full of restaurants and bars where young Londoners wander to when they want to get a sense of Shoreditch in a secluded, more peaceful scenery. With the same kind of gustatory experience of course.

Shane’s on Canalside restaurant sits right at the beginning (or end, depending which way you’re coming from) and being lit up with festoon lights it reminds us of a setting for a perfect summer garden party. The effortless design of the terrace in form wooden, visibly used tables and chairs convinces us to peek inside, only to discover an interior full of houseplants and a simple but contemporary bar stocked with Pimms, premium gins and barrel whiskeys.

The menu laid out on a piece of paper presented on a clipboard mostly consists of meat dishes, fresh fish and specialties like the Rabbit burger, but you can also find wholesome salads and healthier options on the list.  Shane’s pays attention to fresh, organic ingredients and therefore their menu changes every season. The house specialty are its tender, mouthwatering steaks, which are served with summer greens and skin-on fries. And this one folks, you can have any time of the year.  The restaurant’s motto goes “Wild meats, line-caught fish, the wild foraged seasonal produce, small ethical producers, people that care” and you can taste the love for the environment in every bite of their food you take. The cosy atmosphere will make you feel like at home, knowing the food is honest as their prices.

The selection of desserts is much smaller, but we bet every part of it will tickle you fancy. Whether it’s the chocolate lava cake, apple crumble with ice-cream or the classic Eaton mess with a little twist (they add summer forest berries to the mix), you’ll want to come back for more. And if you’re not exactly a sweet tooth, grab a cheese board served with raw goat milk- something unique worth trying.

But what would a great food experience be without drinks? Shane’s wide selection of wines and cocktails will make sure you’re not leaving thirsty, but rather tipsy. Daily specials include  Watermelon Margarita or Elderflower Apple Bellini, both refreshing and the perfect companions for warm summer nights. New Zealand wines are also on offer, including the citrusy Savignon to die for.

Shane’s is a refreshing, young twist to a typical British restaurant, which food will never bore you. Besides dining, it also offers foraging tours through local woods and grasslands, where you’ll learn about plants and flowers like lavender and French tarragon, which are essential ingredients used in many of their meals. If you’re set off to something more exciting, try Shane’s wild butchery class, which will take you through knife skills and butchery techniques, using seasonal fresh wild meats such as pheasant, deer, pigeon, and rabbit. This experience will convince you that becoming a vegetarian was a big missed steak.

If interested, you can book directly on their website Shane’s on Canalside

Make sure to visit Shane’s the next time you head down to Hackney.We promise you an exceptional, holiday atmosphere and wonderful food and drinks which will please the tastebuds you didn’t know you had.

Shane’s on Canalside 
26 East Bay Lane
Here East
London E15 2GW