Well-known now for its bohemian vibe, East London has been growing in popularity among London renters. As the epicentre of all things creative, the area has built a name for itself among a scene of young creative professionals who are looking for something more from the capital.

With its mix of boutique stores, artisan cafés and pop-up venues, alongside its cultural palate of restaurants and independent marketplaces, East London has an eclectic feel that outpaces many of the other London areas and boroughs.

Wandering the neighbourhoods of Shoreditch and Bethnal Green, it’s easy to see why the area is among the list of coolest places to live in the world.

Alive with Diversity

One of the best things about East London is its diversity. It’s a place where everyone fits in precisely because no one fits in. From the unique wardrobes of the residents to the bold and brash graffiti lining the streets, the area has a spark of something different about it.

Historically, the area had an industrial past, meaning the streets are now peppered with old warehouses and factory buildings in between the newer high-rises and apartment blocks, as well as the many noteworthy backstreets and alleyways. The architectural mix only adds to the area’s charm. One of its key cultural hubs, Village Underground, is housed inside revamped Tube carriages, shipping containers and an abandoned warehouse.

Also, the array of restaurants and supermarkets cater to all manner of global cuisines. Without even factoring in the other (non-foody) hotspots along Brick Lane, the legendary road is considered to be London’s very own ‘curry mile’. Add to that the selection of trendy Nordic cafés, Mediterranean bars, traditional Asian dim sum restaurants and, of course, classic British pubs, and there’s something for all tastebuds.

Buzzing Community Culture

It is precisely because of the area’s diversity that it inspires such a sense of community culture. There are always one-off events taking place and new pop-ups appearing to bring together local residents, whether under the roof of a pub, in one of the area’s parks, or housed within the cultural and communal spaces dotted across the city streets.

From open-mic nights and festivals to support new talent in music and art, to book clubs and freelancer get-togethers, the area boasts a calendar of unique events to be a part of.

Championing Independence

East London thrives on independent business. Encapsulating the aspirational goals of many entrepreneurs, a large chunk of the area is made up of home-grown markets, one-off cafés and family businesses.

Spitalfields Market captures the heart of the whole area, crammed full of independent traders offering up fresh fruit and vegetables, locally-reared meat, home-baked treats, classic antiques, handmade accessories and vintage clothing.

Brick Lane and Shoreditch High Street also feature a vibrant range of independent stores and places to stop for a drink.

Living in East London

Living right in the heart of East London lets you enjoy the essence of city life and embrace the diverse cultures. Well-connected on the Tube with the Central Line running through Shoreditch and Bethnal Green, the area is ideal for people commuting elsewhere in the city for work.

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