Dickie Bowels has been a comedian for twenty years, working in all environments from pubs and clubs, up to more recently, holiday centres and hotels. Noted for his quick-fire wit and funny faces, he writes many of his own jokes and is suited to almost any situation put in front of him, even becoming a hit in the corporate market and the after-dinner circuit.

He is a dedicated and thorough professional, rehearsing his act to the split second, ensuring perfection in his delivery and performance. He keeps himself fairly stout (fat is funny!), without being dangerously overweight, and is always ready to travel from one side of the country to the other, at the minimum amount of notice. 

He has acquired the ability to make people laugh without the need to use bad language. Yet in complete contrast, he is also recognised as one of the finest adult comedians in the country, with his ability to destroy hecklers and tickle the coldest of audiences.

Dickie is also one of the few white male comedians that is suited to female and ethnic audiences, with his likeable personality, and material altered to suit. At £50 per-one hour set, hiring this act is an absolute no-brainer!