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Since it went on sale in March, Nintendo’s hybrid Switch console has proved pretty successful, with the gaming giant recently confirming that it had sold around five million units worldwide.

The console, which offers gaming both at home and on the go, has proven itself to be a rather impressive piece of kit and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was an astute launch title, as it earned rave reviews across the board. However, in more recent times, much of the attention related to the console has turned to Minecraft.

For the uninitiated, or anyone who has been living under a rock for the past few years, Minecraft is a sandbox video game developed by Mojang which has become a global phenomenon. Based around the concept of players building worlds out of cubes, the title’s simplicity has led it to be released on almost every gaming platform imaginable. It has arguably achieved a level of ubiquity that can probably only be rivalled by some classic offline games which have made the leap into digital, like Mahjong or Solitaire. Another example might even be slot games, which were able to evolve from their traditional form into online gaming on sites like Betsson – with players having access to traditional one-armed bandits like Fruit Bonanza or Mega Moolah on their laptops or smartphones – and even enjoyed cross-platform success on systems such as the Nintendo DS.

However, while Minecraft has conquered consoles, smartphones and almost everything in between, the question has always remained as to which platform offers the best experience of playing the game. Is it better to play on a smartphone with the Pocket Edition or go all out with a console or PC version? Well, the Nintendo Switch may just have the answer.

The Switch edition of Minecraft was released digitally in May, with reviewers praising how it offered the best of both worlds – the stylings of the Pocket Edition and all the precise controls of a console. Now, only a few months on from its launch, the game has also received a little update with its TV docking resolution lifted from 720p to an impressive 1080p.

Source: @Verge via Twitter

The resolution was certainly an area where the Switch version lagged behind rival platforms, but this uplift changes everything. The Switch ultimately now means players no longer have to select a platform depending on whether they want to play at home or on the move, but can instead use one which offers everything. Could this ultimately mean that Minecraft will become the Switch’s killer app? Both the game and the system match each other’s specifications for home and mobile play, so it is not unfeasible that Minecraft fans may start to move away from other hardware towards the Switch.

However, it is worth noting that Microsoft is in the process of rolling out its Better Together plans. Announced at E3 2017, the proposals will allow Minecraft players to all get together on multiplayer modes regardless of the platform they use. This would remove the need for friends to play the game on the same system if they want to interact on multiplayer modes, which perhaps means that the desire to switch to another platform might lessen among some gamers.

With that in mind, it is hard to say if Minecraft could be a real game-changer for the Switch. However, what is clear is that the Switch version of the game has plenty to offer and is undoubtedly an attractive option for Minecraft fans who want a system suited to the simple joys of their favourite pastime.