Republic Gallery is pleased to present ‘Structures of Being’ an exhibition by Marie-Louise Jones composed of sculpture, film and prints of transient sculptural installations. The series attempts to give physical form to internal cognitive and emotional processes – creating structures of being.

The works were conceived and produced over a period of 2 years, during which time Jones’ working process was based on intuitive beginnings, driven forward by time with Gestalt and Schema psychotherapists, leading to conceptual and physical connections of natural and manmade materials presented in suspended and freestanding forms made with materials: steel, copper, wood, plaster, and silk.  The exhibition includes a series of sculptures, film and photographic prints (or memories) documenting the forms existence in transitory moments within various landscapes.

The short film created for the series is currently showing for 6 months at the 57th Venice Biennale as part of Empire II film hub project, with the forthcoming exhibition at Republic Gallery being the premiere screening of the film in its intended form – as part of the Structures of Being mixed-media installation.