If you have recently opened a company, then you are going to start carrying out some extensive market research. Conducting market research is important as it helps businesses understand their target audience, identify problems and help them research their competitors. It not only helps you look at competitors but also helps you to keep up with emerging market trends and help you keep your competitive edge over competitors.

The beauty with market research is that it can be carried out at any stage in the business cycle.  Having an in-depth understanding of the marketplace will help business owners to create and implement good business strategies helping to encourage the growth of your business.

B2B research is also important when carrying out market research. You may be wondering what is B2B, it is the exchanging of products, information and services between business as opposed to being between consumers and businesses.

Market research can be split into two categories; Primary research and secondary research.

With primary market research, it is research, which has been conducted by your business.  This kind of research can be carried out by closely monitoring how effective sales are. Furthermore, research can be carried out to assess your competition within your market and look into the quality of their services. It is also important that through primary research you gain an understanding of what communication methods your competitors are using.

Secondary market research is different to primary because you can use other resources to carry it out. Studying published company reports and data can give you a further insight into their companies and help you implement a sound marketing strategy. Secondary research is not limited to just published reports and data you can look into various other pieces of data. Data such as, newspaper reports, government databases and existing case studies and surveys, which have been carried out by your competitors.

To gain successful insight through market research it is import to follow some key steps to ensure you are getting the most out of the research, which is being carried out. Investigate; use primary and secondary research to help you carry out sound investigations. You need to know if you are going to be conducting your own primary research studies. If yes then you need to find a plan on how to execute the research.

Most importantly through research, you are going to need to have an in-depth understanding of your ideal customer. Build a strong customer profile and use it to help you understand their buying habits and behaviour. Most new businesses will encounter a variety of different customers, through research you will be able to pinpoint what customer you are actually going after.

The main benefits of carrying out market research are;

  • Helping to improve communications with your intended target audience

It helps you identify opportunities.

  • By conducting market research you will be able to see very clearly what opportunities there are for you, using your research you can make a pretty good prediction if going for certain opportunities is a good idea or not.
  • Finally, it helps to lower risks. It helps you to lower the risk of having big losses as you are informed of everything going on in your market.