Have you ever been at work and wished you had some sort of super power to help get the job done 10x quicker? We’ve all been there. This infographic has been created by PeopleVox, the warehouse management system specialists. They have explored the idea of having a superhero workforce in a warehouse environment and given well-known superheroes different job roles based on their skills. Is your job role featured on the infographic? Which superhero would you be?

From Hawkeye as a supervisor to Wolverine managing customer service, this infographic puts the most powerful of superheroes in to working positions – some may just surprise you! Think about it, Wolverine would be the ideal candidate to be the friendly voice of your business, politely dealing with any customer queries. It’s understandable that Hawkeye would be a supervisor considering he always knows what’s going on around him. Nothing gets past that guy!

Of course, Hulk would be in charge of heavy lifting, which is why you wouldn’t even need a forklift if he was around. Imagine a workplace where heavy lifting was never an issue!

In terms of general manager, this would have to be Captain America, according to the infographic. His ability to inspire his team and put himself before others makes him the perfect manager. He’s a good guy really! Above Captain American would be Nick Fury as the director. This one is pretty straightforward considering he founded the avengers. He’s not afraid of a bit of risk and is willing to make difficult decisions. A born leader needs to be director and that is exactly what Nick Fury is.

Take a look at this infographic to explore a range of job roles fit for superheroes. If you are looking to grow your e-commerce business with a Warehouse Management System, head to the specialists at PeopleVox for all the help you’ll need.