French artist Graffmatt creates exciting portraits. Inspired by urban and street art, Graffmatt makes explosive pantings. The splatter and drip effects give a unique twist to the traditional portrait. With multiple colors or with only black and white, they look like pieces of street art. With a creative touch, Graffmatt includes graffiti on and around the subjects in the paintings. This gives the paintings a look of being tagged on the street.

Unlike real street art, Graffmatt’s pieces are permanent. While looking like spray painted artworks, they aren’t transient like graffiti can be. Street art always has the chance to be painted over. Graffmatt makes up for this by including tags and other ‘graffiti’ on and around his subjects. In his unique way, Graffmatt makes his pieces part of an urban scene.

All artwork by Graffmatt:

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