Just like Michael Jordan was born to dribble a basketball and Beyoncé was born to sing in front of thousands of screaming fans, there are those who were born to sell. And we don’t mean scanning frozen peas at the checkout in your local Tesco, but actually going big and selling the next iPhone or Dyson vacuum cleaner – something that people go crazy for.

Sometimes we float through life and are never really sure what to do with our lives, but if you exhibit any of the following traits, then maybe, just maybe, you have the makings to be the next big entrepreneur. Let’s find out.

  1. You always think you can do better than someone else. Yeah, their idea is fine, but you have some thoughts on how it could be improved.
  2. You have a diary (or even Evernote) bursting with business ideas. Sure, not all of them would impress the Dragon’s Den crew, but there are some that are genuine gold.
  3. You constantly research how other entrepreneurs made it. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Richard Branson are some of the most famous examples, but you love to know how anyone made a living by doing what they love.
  4. You’re familiar with new types of software. We’ve come a long way from selling items from a stall at a local market. For instance, you’re probably already aware that this type of website is used to help sell things online: https://www.1and1.co.uk/ecommerce-website. Sure beats standing out in the cold.
  5. You love networking. You met someone who puts on gigs? That could be useful. Know a friend who owns a 3D printer? That might come in handy. You love to know everyone in your area and what their skills are, as they may well be beneficial down the line.
  6. You despise taking orders from someone else. Some people don’t mind simply being an employee, however, you prefer to be the one giving orders.
  7. Anything can be a business opportunity. You’re the type of person that when it starts raining, you don’t run for cover, but instead, start selling umbrellas. There are always opportunities, you just need to look for them.
  8. You thrive on hard work. If it was easy, then anyone could do it. But where others see an obstacle, you simply see another hurdle to jump over.
  9. Likewise, you have a cool head when things are busy. The old saying of “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” is perfectly applicable to you.
  10. You don’t waste time. If you can see something isn’t working out, then you simply abandon it and start from scratch. Time is money, after all.
  11. You’re always up to date on the news and aware of new trends. Knowledge is power, and when you know more than your competitors, then you’re well on your way to success.
  12. Your dreams are unshakable. You don’t let things like location, age, or money get in the way of your goals, you simply strive to reach the end.