Storm Aileen has officially hailed the end of Summer. It’s finally time to take a deep breath, check your bank balance and begin the regret. That £40 bikini, that sex on the beach, the brief trip to Marbs – it all adds up. Why-oh-why did you waste your money on Ubers home when it wasn’t even raining? You suddenly face the prospect of cold nights in alone, with only the thought of the John Lewis Christmas advert to make you feel warm inside – because it’s free.

But, fear not, because we’ve created the #1 guide to help you out in your frugal quest for love this winter (or just to help you find someone to split your Ubers with 😉)…

Remember what’s right in front of you

Living in London, we sometimes forget that this is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. There are so many free and wonderful places to take a date that don’t cost a penny. What could be more romantic than visiting the animals at Battersea’ dogs home, checking out the street art in Shoreditch or taking in the sights and smells of Portobello Road market on a Saturday afternoon?

Dating apps are freeeeeeee

Let’s be honest, Londoners are all far too busy and emotionally unavailable to chat people up IRL. That’s where dating apps like Badoo come in. Fun, free and there’s an ‘About me’ section.

Suggest dinner at yours

Why spend an extortionate amount on tiny portions at Ceviche when M&S reduce their sandwiches every day at 4pm? And those are fancy af. Book in a date on Badoo and then do the rounds of the reduced aisles on your commute home. Just treat dinner like the ‘invention test’ on Masterchef et voila – you are suddenly both talented and thoughtful in the eyes of your date

Grow out your leg hair

If you don’t have a housemate who you can steal razors from then you really need to reevaluate your life. Razors that don’t leave you with bleeding cuts can be ridiculously pricey these days. So take advantage of the early onset of winter and take the au natural  instead. Just think, for each razor purchase you forego, you can afford one more half pint of cider at a London pub #winning.

Pre drink and eat

So, thirsty Thursdays used to be the perfect day to meet up with someone – it doesn’t waste the weekend and it’s near enough the end of the week that you can justify getting pissed. But, Fridays can actually work out pretty well, too. They’re busy with dinner plans? That’s cool, just meet for dessert afterwards. Head to VQ, London’s 24 hour restaurant, and share a cheeky sticky toffee pudding for 6 quid. Not as pricey as a whole dinner, but even more fun

Any bus is a bus tour

Ok, so maybe a hot, sweaty bus journey doesn’t sound like the most appealing outing. But, when it’s 11pm and the Christmas lights are out in London? There couldn’t be anything more romantic. We recommend the No. 22 – it does Harrods, the Ritz, Peter Jones and Oxford St

And you could always have a free first date on Badoo

All those times you ‘bought the first round’ and then ended up leaving before the second because they didn’t look quite the same as their profile pic…? The biggest dating app in the world, Badoo, has just released video dating so this never has to happen again. No more awks first encounters that lead only to bankruptcy – you can find out if there’s a spark with a simple video call from the comfort of your bed instead

So, what are you waiting for? Download Badoo now and find someone who you’d happily save up for to take to Winter Wonderland – ‘cause that, my friend, is love