· Over a quarter (26%) of London men regularly ‘intimately’ groom

· 15% are considering hair transplants

· 16% even shave their arms

New research by male grooming brand men-ü has affirmed that London is a city of hair obsessed males. When it comes to grooming, hair is the focal point of routines and we’re not just talking about their heads. This group of men are ensuring they are well kept from head to toe. 

A huge 91% of London men spend up to an hour getting ready for a big night out. Whilst much of that is spent ensuring their locks are on point these efforts go beyond hair gel and arranging their barnets.  Over a quarter (26%) are taking time to trim their intimate areas.  

Given all the time dedicated to their locks, it’s no surprise that the cosmetic procedure most considered by London men is hair implants. More than 1 in 10 (15%) have considered the procedure which adds more volume and restores hair where it is receding or thinning. Ahead of popular procedures such as IPL laser treatments (13%) and botox or fillers at 9%. 

Everyone knows there’s an array of useful tools up for grabs when it comes to hair styling with heat and London men are taking full advantage; a third use a hair dryer when they dry their hair. And the grooming doesn’t end there. A fifth of men in the capital give their chest the treatment along with 23% who maintain armpit hair and 16% who even shave their arms. 

Shaving has additional benefits as the razor acts as a great exfoliator of the skin, removing up to two layers of dead skin cells. men-ü is launching a brand new gift set to help men achieve the ultimate shave and healthy skin. The men-ü Shave Facial Essentials kit has everything you need to put an end to bad, patchy shaves and leave men with healthy, smooth skin – every time.