You know that feeling when you are watching the browser on your mobile load, and you keep on looking at it, and it just keeps on loading. Then there comes a time when you feel like you have aged, yet the browser is still loading. Who am I kidding, of course, you have. Because no matter where in the world you are, there was a time, or there will be a time when your phone signals drop completely. Or you are struggling to make the one tiny signal work.

What Causes Low Signals?

Your mobile uses radio signals to emit signals from a cell tower, which sends it to another network, then a tower, and then another mobile. In the perfect world these towers would be close by and create the perfect formation, but they are not. The further away from the tower, you are, or a number of people using the same tower can result in low signals. However, there are a few ways you can boost your phone signals.


There are times when simply turning your device off, and on again will fix the matter. As when it turns back on it uses a high capacity search to catch signals. There are times when switching the airplane mode on, and then turning it off a few minutes later helps as well. However, this will not fix any other problem your device might be facing.


If your mobile’s battery is running low, or you have it in a lower power consumption mode. Then your device will start to dedicate less power towards cell signals. Charging your device, and pulling it out of power-saving mode can help increase the signals. However, your mobile’s battery will drain faster.


There are times when your hand is covering the antenna of your device, or if a thick wall is blocking the signals. In that case, you should consider moving your hand, or move so you can get a better signal. In addition, at times opening a window can also help increase the signal quality.


If you are unable to get a good range of signals wherever you go, then your mobile might be at fault. This is common in old devices, so consider switching out your old model for a new one.


Some carrier will give you a signal problem even if you are standing right next to the cell-tower. So try your sim in another device, and follow all the steps mentioned above, if you still have a persistent signal problem, then it’s time to change your carrier.


If your weak signal problem is due to your home or office space is located far from the cell tower, or in a basement. Then you need MyAmplifiers to help you get the best possible signal coverage. MyAmplifiers is a signal booster that will help you get perfect signals in your home, office, and even in your vehicle. The device is designed to offer you peace of mind, as with the help of MyAmplifiers you will not have to worry about your hair going grey waiting for the attachment to load.