The casino business has done its best to create myths and make us believe that we can actually become rich playing their games. The facts are out there, the house never really loses, it always has an edge, but there is a very curious phenomenon going with a particular slot machine.

Just think about it for a second, in an industry where all the software and game developers release new titles every year it would be impossible for a ten year old slot machine to stay relevant. But that is the case with Mega Moolah, we know that the name doesn’t say much (it’s even a little tacky), but this is one heck of a slot machine.

So now the question is: what makes this particular slot machine so different? Easy: the jackpot. Mega Moolah is not a pioneer in style or class, it’s a very basic game with a cartoonish jungle theme, it’s supposed to be funny and not much else, and we don’t know if the developers of Microgaming did this on purpose or just got lucky themselves, but whatever they did worked.

The legendary jackpots that Mega Moolah has been paying out over the years have become a constant reference in the casino business, because there are no other machines that can match it. If you’ve become curious with this story so far, we recommend that you play Mega Moolah online at, this way you can relate more to what we are talking about, and who knows, you can become the next fortunate millionaire.

In many ways Mega Moolah is an unconventional slot machine, gamblers didn´t play it thinking that it would make them rich. Sure, they played for the thrill of it and for a chance to grab a couple of bucks, but the jackpots are incredible, something that you would think only a lotto would give out. The more people play the more the jackpot grows, this means that the fame Mega Moolah has acquired over the years actually increases the players chances to win an enormous prize.

If it were not for these mind boggling jackpots we would never would have been talking about this machine in the first place, without them Mega Moolah would just be another slot machine in the sea of games that exist all over the internet. The fact that Microgaming made this slot is enough to guarantee that it’s a great game, but the legendary status is something different, it was a stroke of gaming genius.