Tell us about your new restaurant ‘James Cochran C3’, what did inspire you to start it?  

Well I had been doing a few pop ups with my 4 best mates and we did really well of that and I was kind of looking for something more permanent. To be honest I was quiet wary of leaping from pop up to permanent spot as London can be so ruthless. It helps I get on really well with my directors also I have free reign of the kitchen to express myself on a plate. Cooking is my life so inevitable it was going to happen.

What is unique about the restaurant?

Location it’s the citys hidden gem my ethos is affordable,relaxed and non pretentious. Im trying to make my own stamp over here,My menu has no flow I do what I think works and let the customer make there on decision.

What is your signature dish/drink that everyone has to try?

Ive got a really soft spot for negroni that’s my drink of choice for customers but my special on at the moment is my homemade douglas fir gin n tonic. Signature dish is my Jamaican jerk buttermilk chicken I can eat that any hour of the day. Comes down to comfort food doesn’t it?


Why did you choose East London to open up the restaurant?

It’s the new west end isn’t it so was a no brainer to be honest. South London is my next spot in mind.

What would you say has been the most memorable experience while developing this business?

Putting smiles on customers faces that’s the most rewarding feeling for me.

What are your future plans?

2018 is going to be massive we already dropped jcN1 last month but I have loads of stuff in the pipe line and I CANNOT wait