People have conflicting thoughts on London’s Uber ban: innovation vs regulation is a complicated issue. London Mayor Sadiq Khan and other people have a lot of problems with Uber, largely stemming from the fact that the service does not really keep passengers safe.

Some people will disagree that this is the case. After all, plenty of people have successfully ridden in Uber vehicles without a lot of problems. Then again, it is very likely that a lot of the worst problems are not even reported. There can be a lot of terrible crimes connected with Uber and driving in general. People sometimes will blame themselves if something like this happens to them. The fact that it looks like Uber is not helping out the victims or the potential victims should only make this situation worse for all people involved, with the possible exception of the Uber service itself.

The criminal record checks from Uber are apparently lax. The fact that they tend to do a poor job of making sure that the criminal offenses get reported might make a lot of things even worse. The staff members do not always have medical certificates either. With all of these different factors brought together, it becomes clear that a lot of people will run into issues with Uber. It certainly makes sense to regulate them.

Some people might argue that regulations like these are just going to stifle innovation. However, it should be noted that a lot of innovation just gets stalled because certain products fail. There are no further developments because people are not interested in exploring a terrible technology further. They are just interested in giving up and giving in, and this can cause a lot of problems for the people who are trying to move an industry forward further.

The basic idea behind the Uber service is fairly solid. However, this does not mean that there are not specific problems with the Uber service itself. When people get a cool new mobile gaming app for the top games of 2017, they will tend to report a single bug with the company right away. When people are faced with a car service that is going to leave them vulnerable to accidents and terrible crimes, it is clear that this is not a situation that could be called sustainable in any way.

Innovation and regulation are not completely at odds with one another, and this is partly a function of the fact that regulation could be considered a form of innovation in its own right. Societies will march forward, and it is not just the technology that will march forward. A lot of people are going to be interested in the fact that it is possible to change an industry with more regulation, especially since this can cause technology to advance.

Some technological advances only happened because people had to find a way to practice the same service in a new way for legal reasons. It is possible that something similar will happen with Uber.